A Note from Your Web Master


Over the years there has been a sustained effort by this site to find and upload as many public reports of Christian Science lectures as possible. The work has been done with care, but owing to the sheer volume of lectures involved, and owing to the fact that neither the founding web master nor the current web master is an Internet professional, the existing lecture pages, in most cases, could benefit from revision and an additional proofreading.

Therefore, the web master has begun to read through the more than 1,000 lectures on this site in order to introduce improvements. Among the situations being corrected are inadvertent errors in citing the Bible or the writings of Mary Baker Eddy (which may involve the quote itself or the attribution), misspellings and typographical errors (which often crept in due to use of OCR or optical character recognition technology, through which the paper original was electronically converted sometimes imperfectly into text in a word-processing document), bad line breaks, absence of line indents where they are wanted and presence of line indents where they are not wanted, excessive number of spaces between words or at the end of lines, and use of short dashes and hyphens where em dashes should be used. In addition, certain things are being done to standardize the web pages, such as improved headings for the lecture title and section titles within the lecture, the centering on the page of poetical quotations, and additions of information to the end note not just about the publication source of the lecture, but specific information about where and when a lecture was delivered, if this information is available. Last, and definitely not least, the URLs (Internet addresses) are being changed from addresses containing capital letters and spaces (which produce ugly %20 notations) to all lower-case words, separated by hyphens, which is the standard (attractive) practice employed by the large professional web sites today.

Any of these single changes may seem to be insignificant, but it is proving out in experience that several improvements are being introduced to a single lecture, so it is certain that the cumulative effect of these changes on the web site will be substantial and important. Thus, these changes are moving this web site to a much higher degree of service to the readers and to a greater professional appearance.

How will this process work? Over the course of a month, old lecture pages will be read and modified and then the old lecture pages will quietly be replaced on this site with new lectures pages, the links to those lectures will be updated in the index of lectures to the new lower-cased links, and, to give some advance warning to readers of the site, notices at the old upper-cased addresses will be posted, making known the new address. Then, when the 15th of the month rolls around, the old pages will be removed and only the new addresses will be online.

The replacement of old addresses with new addresses may cause some temporary inconvenience to some readers who reach out-of-date links through old bookmarks, or who find a lecture through search engine results that are temporarily outdated, for which my apologies.


PROGRESS REPORT (January 15, 2018)

Lecture pages for all lecturers whose last names begin with B (Bailey, Bayless, Beck, Bell, Bennett, Bertschi, Biggins, Booth, Bowles, Braithwaite, Breen, Brookins, Broones, Brown, Browne, Bryan-Jones, and Buskirk) have been updated.


PROGRESS REPORT (December 15, 2017)

Lecture pages for all lecturers whose last names begin with A (Aghamalian, Allan, Alton, Anwandter, Appleton, Armstrong, Aultman, and Ayres) have been updated.