Christian Science: A Practical Religion


The Rev. Irving C. Tomlinson, C.S.B.

Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church,

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts


There is an outcry today from a suffering world for salvation. This cry was answered 20 centuries ago by Christ Jesus: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Christian Science comes today in his name with an assurance that the promises will be fulfilled. Christian Science teaches us that whatever the need, there is always divine Love enough present to save from any affliction, always Truth enough to destroy any error, always divine intelligence enough to point the way out.

May I tell you briefly of my own introduction to Christian Science? I had been for five years the pastor of a church in a suburb of Boston. In my pastoral work I was instrumental in sending a drunkard to a gold cure. After being there for some time he came home and remained sober. One of the church members said to me, "If you had never done anything more than to reform this man you would have justified your calling." In reading the Bible that evening my eyes fell on Jesus' command to his disciples, "Go ... preach ... heal." I wondered if there were a church which understood both commands. Then I began to look for such a religious society. I visited churches of many denominations and finally began attending the Wednesday night meetings of the Christian Science church in Boston. When I heard the testimonies of healing that were given, I said, "What other people are talking about, these people are doing." Since that time I have had countless opportunities to witness and prove the healing power of Christian Science.


Today's Urgent Problem

The urgent problem of today is the solution of the uncertain and unsettled state of affairs in the economic or business realm. We all know that there is just as much land and air as there ever was; just as much food (in fact, an over-abundance of food); just as many willing hands to go to work and still there is this lack.

As there is this abundance of material supply, what is the trouble? Obviously it is not in the matter condition, in the material situation. Where, then, is the trouble found? Is it not in the mental realm? Can't we see that all lack is a mental condition? Mankind is experiencing the results of corruption, greed, materiality, prior to its purification.

Never has material knowledge reached so high a point, never have the achievements of the human mind been more brilliant, more triumphant, than in this era, tending toward annihilation of time and space. One can be in New York and hear Big Ben of London strike the hour of midnight, or converse with an explorer in the polar regions. Flying, television, broadcasting, a thousand and one improvements increase the comforts, the conveniences and pleasures of mankind. All these inventions we welcome, and rightly so, yet observe well: the high tide of the victories of all this material knowledge is concomitant with one of the greatest periods of disaster in history. In the midst of its greatest triumph, materialism lies prostrate, in a great defeat. It is a paradox that the more victories we win on the false basis of life in matter, the more defeats we undergo. The whole picture paints the self-contradictory nature of matter the stronger it seems the weaker it is.

There are, however, signs of awakening. Many students of world affairs, including statesmen, natural scientists, and economists, are admitting that the only solution for the world's problems lies in spiritualization of thought, in right thinking and right living. Doctrines, no less than theories of economics, are being weighed in the balance. More and more is there a longing for a practical religion.

Today, Christian Science, as discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, offers a solution for the problems not only of the individual, the home, and the church, but of the counting room, the factory, the farm, indeed of the governments of the world. Christian Science is teaching that Paul's words to the Philippians state a present-day fact: "My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Someone may ask, How can the understanding of God's omnipotence and the real man's completeness fill my human mouth with material bread, put material coin into material pockets, and supply warmth by material raiment? This better condition, then, is brought about through a better understanding of the truth of being.

Christian Science, which is the application of divine Science in human history, makes this plain. This Science teaches how divine law, operating in the material realm, quenches material sense and so-called law, and supersedes them with spiritual sense and spiritual law, controlling human conditions by understanding the unreality of matter and the actuality of spiritual law, thus displacing error and replacing it with truth.


Supply Unlimited

It is vital to understand the teaching of Christian Science that God, Spirit, is substance. Real substance, as God knows substance, is not to be thought of in terms of bulk, weight, quantity, something that can be weighed or measured. How do we count our substance? In an incorporeal universe what is substance? Eternal, true ideas. It is impossible to outline substance in any material form, for substance is above material sense. Since God is not material is it not plain that God has no bulk, nor weight, nor any other property of matter? Must not the same be true of His image and likeness, man? Man's being manifests all the qualities of Spirit, of Life, Truth, and Love.

And what are the qualities of Spirit? Love, peace, power, spiritual consciousness, spiritual understanding. Whatever we know of these qualities is our foretaste of heaven, and what we know we shall never lose. The moment we accept matter as a substantial reality, that moment we have bulk, weight, quantity, and mass; that moment we have limits; that moment substance is something which can be withheld from one and given to another. Then our possessions are uncertain, insecure. But the true view of substance works the other way. Everyone can have all there is of substance. All spiritual substance, activity, spiritual consciousness, spiritual understanding, intelligence, truth, love, etc., ever increasing in vigor, action, animation, fruitage, possession, supply, come to him who has the right understanding of substance.

Mental penury is devoid of all reality. Mental penury is the absence of spirituality, the absence of Christ, Truth. It is the absence of the Golden Rule, of justice and mercy in the government of nations, the absence of peace and unity among peoples. The absence of spiritual brotherhood is externalized in the world today.

Jesus once said to his anxious parents, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" No other enterprise than the Father's ever concerned Jesus. His capital was the substance of Spirit; his salesmanship the dispensing of Truth; his wares were Mind's ideas. He proved that production comes only from Spirit; that "the flesh profiteth nothing"; and he reaped the abundance of good.

In his prayer that he may be always about the Father's business, each sincere follower of the master Christian may realize for himself that God directs all his ways. All the qualities of God belong to him by the law of reflection, and he can make them manifest in his daily living. Thus he can continuously win the victory of Truth and Life eternal.


God Is All and Is Spirit

Christian Science is old in that it is a restatement of the divine Science of Mind which was in some degree given by the patriarchs and prophets and which was seen and lived by Christ Jesus. It is new in that it explains the divine Principle in obedience to which Jesus did his mighty works. The textbook of Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," is in very truth what its name proclaims it to be, a key to the Scriptures. You will recall that Jesus, without the use of material remedies, healed the sick and raised the dead, that he fed the hungry and found a supply for every need. Christian Science is reminding men of Jesus' promise, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also."

The Christian Scientist declares in absolute earnestness that the omnipresence and infinitude of God is a fact; and, if the testimony of the senses presents the contrary, the Christian Scientist denies the evidence of the senses and accepts what is absolute and true. Right at this point demonstration begins to operate in the destruction of sickness, sin, and want. Scholastic theology presents the divine, supreme law of God and then adds laws of health and sickness. Its interpretation of Scripture is that God is All and is Spirit, but it adds to this allness corporeality and matter; while the Christian Scientist asks, If God is Spirit and includes all, what and where is matter?

Today natural scientists would probably answer that matter is the subjective condition or manifestation of energy. More than 50 years ago Mrs. Eddy startled the world by her teaching of the unreality of matter. On page 293 of her textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," is the statement, the significance of which the world is beginning to learn: "Matter and mortal mind are but different strata of human belief. The grosser substratum is named matter or body; the more ethereal is called mind."


Omnipotent Mind

Since God is Mind, and God is infinite, and one, it follows logically that God is all the Mind there is, and there can be but one Mind. This Mind is all-seeing divine Love. It knows only good, only the things of Spirit. It includes no consciousness of loss, of sin, or of disease, for these are but products of a belief in another mind, in a power apart from God. The activity of Mind is always in the realm of perfection. Transformation, not annihilation, is the result of this activity.

Where divine Mind is, ignorance is not. Intelligence is the essential quality of Mind. Each idea of God is an expression of Mind and therefore manifests unfailing intelligence. One who learns this truth in Christian Science no longer considers it modest to acknowledge stupidity but begins at once to renounce and denounce the false sense of mind what St. Paul calls the "carnal mind." In the degree that he claims infinite, measureless Mind as his consciousness, the only consciousness there is, he becomes aware of divine direction in all his affairs. Moreover, he is influenced by this Mind only, and not by erring mortal minds.


Infinite Truth

More than ever men are asking Pilate's question, "What is truth?" The answer of Christian Science is that Truth is God. On page 465 of Science and Health is this unparalleled definition of God: "God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love." Truth, then, is the incorporeal God, that is, without flesh or any thought of flesh. The Truth which is God is mental, spiritual; is divine consciousness. Truth is the I AM, and because I AM is, we are.

This Truth, that God is, can have no limits. It has no beginning, no ending, no birth, no maturity, no decay, no age. It is unlimited, infinite Being. Truth, then, is not a cold abstraction. There is no Truth without Love and no Love without Truth. The Truth which is forever victor is the Love which is the creator and cause of all that is. Truth is intelligent, always knowing enough to be itself and nothing else. Truth is the only source of true law, unchanging, invariable, eternal. Oneness with God is oneness with Truth, with Life, with good.


Indestructible Life

Christian Science shows that there is one, infinite, eternal, omnipresent Life, which is indestructible, self-existent Truth, absolute Principle, immortal Love. This Life is the unending Life of man, which nothing can take away from him.

When we think rightly of God, when we think rightly of Life, then we know God, then we know Life. It is ours in reflection. We possess it because we understand it. Is it of any avail to attempt to sustain this Life by matter? Can matter nourish and sustain spiritual existence? What did Jesus say? "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." We have, then, the authority of Jesus, that to know God is to live. This Mrs. Eddy has made possible to all through her discovery of Christian Science. If we wish to unite inseparably with Life we must begin by understanding what Life is. Now when we awaken to this Truth, this is the quickening Life's own stirring in us. To reach the clearer perception of the eternal, indestructible nature of Life is to be united inseparably with Life.


Christ Jesus

On page 344 of Mrs. Eddy's book, "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany," is this arresting statement: "If we say that the sun stands for God, then all his rays collectively stand for Christ, and each separate ray for men and women." The whole light, then, is Christ, and the rays are the children of God. Each individual has his exact place in light. The entire reflection, the whole truth about all, is Christ; Christ comes to each man, and each by demonstration takes his exact and perfect place and part in the wholeness of this reflection. Christ comes to the human and saves from incarnate error.

We come to God by the Son, by expressing the divine nature; this is the way by which we can know God. He can be known only through the Son, His expression; Mind can be known through the idea of Mind. When you gain a spiritual idea, that is Christ, Messiah, Son, Saviour, Redeemer. Through it you know the Father. Your thought includes His idea, His character, His nature, through which you understand Him. Christ is the full and perfect expression of God, of infinite Mind, infinite Love, or Principle. To be the perfect expression he must include all true being. Be the expression of Soul and you are in your rightful place.

Christ includes the truth or spiritual reality, not only about Christ Jesus, but about everybody and everything. The spiritual reality about you and about me and about all things is included in Christ. This spiritual reality is the true reflection or creation.


Correct View of Man

If God is, as of course He must be, absolutely perfect, infinitely perfect, it is contrary to intelligent judgment to believe that anything He does, or creates, is imperfect. If God is perfect in intelligence, power, wisdom, faculty, action, love, it is not possible that there should be a flaw in the universe, including man. Any contrary supposition would be manifestly absurd. Man is the perfect activity, the perfect product, perfect expression of the Principle of existence. A mortal body is the expression of a mortal, carnal state of consciousness. The real man is the representation of God, divine Mind, the real consciousness. Man is the image of God's being the full representation of everything that God is. Man has everything that God has, being His reflection. God is Spirit and man is spiritual. God is Truth and man is truthful. God is Love and man is loving.

My, your, real identity (so falsified and misrepresented in mortal body) is our spiritual consciousness, spiritual substance and structure, of which we are becoming measurably aware. Mortal man's private, personal, so-called matter body consists of the general, untrue concepts of mortals. Our real being divine Being reflected consists of true ideas. Putting off the old man means changing our thoughts, our consciousness, our mentality.

Man is the idea of God. That idea has nothing to do with mortal forms. In our real identity we are each an idea of God, divine, not human, not animal. Let us claim our identity, our sonship, and sing our song of oneness with the divine Mind. When the true concept of man dawns in consciousness, this is the idea of God appearing. Jesus said, "He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me." Man is, therefore, the eternal, universal, spiritually embodied ideal of all that is good, true, real, enduring, beautiful, and is the entirely spiritual, reflected consciousness of divine Mind; the imperishable, immortal idea of Soul. This spiritually embodied ideal of Love never was matter, never had matter body, tissues, or organs, couldn't experience sickness, sin, death, decay, degeneration.

What is the kingdom within? It is spiritual awareness of present man, the real man. The selfhood of the human concept is denial of spiritual sonship or oneness with Spirit, God. Its mortal sense of existence is too finite for "anchorage in infinite good" (Unity of Good, p. 43).


Of this unreal dream of a false belief about existence even Shakespeare wrote:


"The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,

The solemn temples, the great globe itself,

Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,

And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,

Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff

As dreams are made on; and our little life

Is rounded with a sleep."


The teachings of Christian Science show that mortals, not immortals, are "such stuff as dreams are made on" in other words, unreal and that it is our mortal, false sense of existence that is "rounded with a sleep."

But, in clearer visioned strain writes the poet, Thomas Moore, as quoted by our Leader in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 51):


"When from the lips of Truth one mighty breath

Shall, like a whirlwind, scatter in its breeze

The whole dark pile of human mockeries;

Then shall the reign of Mind commence on earth,

And starting fresh, as from a second birth,

Man in the sunshine of the world's new Spring,

Shall walk transparent like some holy thing."


The whole sense of a false mind will disappear in the tides and currents of real Mind, real consciousness, Soul-sense, including none of the mental processes of the human concept of mind. "Unity of God" (p. 46) says, "The scientific man and his Maker are here; and you would be none other than this man, if you would subordinate the fleshly perceptions to the spiritual sense and source of being." True thoughts constitute the true individuality of man. Man, then, is divine, not human. "Man is a celestial." (No and Yes, p. 26). Then let us pray that divine intelligence transplant our concept of man from human or mortal to infinite being.


Effectual Prayer

The teaching of Christian Science on the subject of prayer is in harmony with the Scriptures and is in full accord with the scientific practice of Christ Jesus. "The prayer of faith," said James, the brother of Jesus, "shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up." Christian Science shows by reason and proof that the prayer of faith, that is, of spiritual understanding, does save the sick, and the Lord, God, who is infinite Love, does raise him up.

Many forms of prayer are for the most part petitions to our heavenly Father, beseeching Him to do a favor, or to grant the petitioner's request. What needs changing is not the disposition nor the intention of the heavenly Father. "God is Love," and He ever waits to bestow all good upon His child. It is the debased will of wayward mortals that stands in need of change. Prayer, then, should not be an effort to alter the unchanging God, "with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning," but prayer should be such as will displace wrong thinking by right thinking, and make the one who prays fitted to receive the blessings that await him.

The following case of healing illustrates the marvelous transforming power of Christian Science prayer. Certain members of a large family had become interested in Christian Science through its healing works, but one member was much opposed to Christian Science. To this woman was born a son who was a helpless cripple. His head rested in the hollow of his shoulder, and the only movement he could make was to roll his eyes. The mother had taken him to many physicians, and the final verdict was that there was no help for the child; that if he lived he would be a helpless invalid and probably an imbecile. The mother's family expressed much loving interest, and when she visited them they urged her to turn to Christian Science for the healing of her child. Finally the mother said to a sister, "Well, if you want to, go ahead and treat the child." The sister replied that she would gladly do so, if the mother would do her part and study earnestly the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health. This the mother indignantly refused to do and returned home with her child in the same helpless condition as before.

She began to do some earnest thinking. She recalled the many healings that her family had experienced in Christian Science. One day she wrote to her sister that she had begun to read the Bible and Science and Health, and she asked her sister to treat the child. What a transformation took place in the mother's thought! Her mental condition of helplessness gave way to confidence and the expectation of good. Resentment vanished, and love filled her heart. In place of the feeling of separation from her family there came the sense of unity with them. She ceased to look upon deformity as God-ordained, hence as real, and began to see perfection as genuine.

This altered thinking on the part of the mother made her receptive to the truth which the sister-practitioner was realizing for the patient. She knew that the corporeal senses could give no true report concerning God's creation. She saw only God's man, perfect, whole, upright, free. She knew that only false, man-made laws were holding mother and child in bondage; she realized that God's law is the only statute governing man. In opposition to the testimony of the senses and in accordance with the teaching of the Scriptures, she held to the fact that infinite good is the only power, that eternal Mind is all that knows, and that He knows only perfection; that the Truth which is God is the only action and that man, God's idea, is the perpetual manifestation of His continuous activity, and she knew this truth about man was the truth about her patient.

From the moment the child was placed under treatment he began to improve. Little by little he was able to move his arms and legs; finally he could lift his head from the pocket where it had rested, and in time he was fully healed. When he began to go to school he evinced outstanding intelligence and was soon recognized as a leader in his classes. He continued to be the foremost student of the school and at graduation received the highest honors.

What is equally interesting is the fact that he excelled in athletics: he was the fastest runner among boys of his age, and was an outstanding tennis player.

This is one of the many cases which prove that the omnipotence of God is as available today to heal congenital diseases as it was in the day when Jesus healed the man born blind. And then, my friends, there is another important point which this case of healing strikingly illustrates. It shows the powerful influence that mental environment exercises upon the health and intelligence of children. It illustrates what a close connection the thought of parents bears in the well-being of their children, what blessings they can bring to them.


Fallacies Exposed

Truth does not include the occult. The false sense of Mind uses a supposititious method of thought transference. Only the unenlightened have confidence in this. Sometimes we any of us or all of us find ourselves where Paul was: we yearn to abide by our standards but go straightway and do the opposite thing: "For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do." Just at this point we put our finger on animal magnetism. How so? Mortal mind has a modus called suggestion, hypnotism, or thought transference. Because mortal mind is a finity it has limits. The only way to get its thoughts out is to project them into another brain, or false belief of mind. That is its only way of transmitting itself. This method would be impossible to omnipresent divine Mind. Its activities proceed by Principle, divine law, not by human will. It is already omnipresent, because it is infinite. Then it has no need to project, suggest, or transfer. Because all intelligence is already everywhere there is no occasion for suggestion.

All occult systems, processes of the carnal mind, come from a nonsensical fallacy about infinitude: a belief that there is an infinite Mind and then other minds are added. This false belief may declare that God is All, but there is something more; God has all power, but there is a different power, animal magnetism or hypnotism. People in ignorance of the one Mind, which is the originating Principle of thought, may be tripped up by occult fallacies, just as ignorance in any direction will trip a man up. Take an example of electric lights: if we know nothing about electricity, we cannot utilize it; if we step on a live wire, it will destroy us. But if we put in a connecting switch, it will serve us, provide us light, heat, transportation. You have to be familiar with the wiring. If you don't get your transmission wire in you get none of the power, no light, no heat, and your car doesn't move. How do we get connection with Principle? By fulfilling its laws; by thinking as God would have us think.

Every right idea, every right word, every right act, every expression of love, every beautiful experience of humility, clarity, gentleness, purity, peace; every obedient act to the Golden Rule, to the Sermon on the Mount, to the Ten Commandments, unites our thought with divine Principle, God. Why? Because these ideas all reflect, express, divine law. This scientific source from which we receive true thoughts, the only origin of our thinking, of our ideas, is Principle, whereas mortal mind has in belief a method by which it projects or transfers its suppositions or fallacies to another. The divine Mind, the only Mind, puts forth ideas in obedience to law and order. The activity of ideas is God's functioning, for true ideas are the expression of divine Mind; they reflect Him by scientific process and law in the divine order of unfoldment. For example, by poor comparison, figs come from the fig tree by the law of its own nature; as a fig tree could not transfer its figs to an olive tree, no more can thoughts be transferred. There is only one Mind to put forth all ideas. This one Mind is everywhere, and there is no other mind to which or from which to transfer thoughts. The Christian Scientist knows that good is the only power, and that the truth he declares cannot be reversed.


Discoverer and Founder

Mrs. Eddy exemplified the healing truth which she taught. It is a joy to testify to this fact from many years of intimate acquaintance with her. My first meeting with Mrs. Eddy occurred the day after I had become a member of The Mother Church. It was on the Fourth of July, 1897, when members of the church who had just attended the annual meeting in Boston were guests at her home, Pleasant View, in Concord, New Hampshire. The Mayor of Concord, who was present with other distinguished citizens, welcomed the visitors. Among all the concourse, the one unmoved by the applause, by all the stirring events, was Mrs. Eddy herself. There was no sign of exaltation, but rather of selfless joy. She listened attentively to each one of the many speakers, and not infrequently, when words of sincerity and gratitude were voiced, tears glistened in her eyes. Mrs. Eddy spoke in a voice so clear and strong that all in the vast assembly could hear her distinctly. (The memorably address which she gave on this occasion is recorded in her book, "Miscellaneous Writings," pp. 251-253.) I knew then that Mrs. Eddy is God's messenger to this age.

During the 12 years that followed, it was my privilege to see Mrs. Eddy almost daily; for nine years I lived in her home city and served her in various ways, part of the time as secretary, and during the last three years that she was with us I was a member of her household at Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Mrs. Eddy was tireless in her industry; her capacity for work was prodigious. For example, at the time Mrs. Eddy was living at the college on Columbus Avenue, Boston, and engaged in all the labored details purchasing and equipping her home on Commonwealth Ave., she was founding The Christian Science Journal, changing editors frequently, and teaching crowded classes. Yet, with all these labors, she was able in the mornings before teaching her class, to dictate that marvelous work, "Unity of Good."

When she was in her 87th year she established an international daily newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, which is now recognized as one of the leading dailies of the world, and every day she read it thoroughly. Up to the time of her passing she had oversight of all the affairs of her vast movement. Every important step awaited her decision.

She was interested in all that concerned the public welfare. Her generous gifts for modern highway improvements inaugurated the good roads movement in New Hampshire. She was keenly interested in exploration and invention in everything that meant victory over limitation. But in all these matters everything was secondary to the spiritual.

She radiated light and joy upon all about her. Grace and love and unfailing tenderness distinguished her no less than intelligence, strength, and profound penetration into the hidden causes that lie back of all outward manifestations. Always she was the fearless Leader, obedient to the revelation that God had given her.


Peace on Earth

In no one thing was Mrs. Eddy more remarkable than in her ability to rise above trials. An instance is her poem, "Signs of the Heart." It was written at Pleasant View, Concord, New Hampshire, in 1899, when persecutions were cruelly heavy. Injustice, malice, hatred, seemed in control. A lawsuit outrageously unjust was brought against her by an unscrupulous student who had been richly benefited by Mrs. Eddy's kindness. She describes her experience in her book, "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 131): "The signet of the great heart, given to me in a little symbol seals the covenant of everlasting love." The symbol referred to was a simple rubber band falling from her packet of mail in the form of a heart. She turned her thought from this symbol to the great heart of divine Love, and the poem, "Signs of the Heart," was born. Listen to just one characteristic stanza (Poems, p. 24):


"Come to me, peace on earth!

From out life's billowy sea,

A wave of welcome birth,

The Life that lives in Thee!

O Love divine,

This heart of Thine

Is all I need to comfort mine."


During Mrs. Eddy's long residence in Concord many of her fellow citizens were healed and transformed through their contacts with her. The following is one of many cases that came under my close observation. A citizen of Concord, who was not interested in Christian Science, was suffering from what materia medica diagnosed as the last stages of pulmonary consumption. Her neighbors were expecting her decease and were looking each morning to see crepe on the door. Propped up in an invalid chair, she observed from her window a carriage in which was a beautiful woman, whose face made a profound impression on her. She learned from her neighbors that the woman was Mrs. Eddy. A few days later, while she was watching at the window, the carriage passed again. Mrs. Eddy saw the invalid and greeted her with a smile. From that moment a new day dawned for her. She was so uplifted that she dressed herself and paid a visit to the Christian Science Reading Room. There she learned something of Mrs. Eddy's teachings. She saw that sickness is not a curse sent by God, but a false belief, which Christ, Truth, destroys. In the evening, when her husband came home, he was surprised to find her preparing a substantial meal for him. She began to study faithfully the Bible and Science and Health, and to attend the church services. She continued to gain and was soon in good health. Always she gave full credit to Mrs. Eddy for her recovery, and joyfully expressed her gratitude on every fitting occasion.



I leave with you a message which Mrs. Eddy once wrote to her followers, and which you will find on page 14 of "The People's Idea of God": "O Christian Scientists, thou of the church of the new born; awake to a higher and holier love for God and man; put on the whole armor of Truth; rejoice in hope; be patient in tribulation, that ye may go to the bed of anguish, and look upon this dream of life in matter, girt with a higher sense of omnipotence; and behold once again the power of divine Life and Love to heal and reinstate man in God's own image and likeness, having 'one Lord, one faith, one baptism.'"


[Delivered Feb. 5, 1934, at Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Brooklyn, New York and published in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Feb. 6, 1934.]