Christian Science Heals Through Enlightened Thought


Albert Clinton Moon, C.S.B., of Chicago, Illinois

Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church,

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts


The lecturer spoke substantially as follows:

In the village of Shunem in ancient Galilee the power and willingness of God to save mankind from sickness and death was illustrated in a manner that has remained through the centuries an inspiring example of how righteous prayer brings healing to even the most distressing physical conditions.

While in the field with his father, a much-loved son became desperately ill. The father had the boy taken to his mother, whom the Bible, in the book of II Kings (4:8), describes as "a great woman." She cared for her son tenderly till noon, but the child died. This family was closely associated with Elisha, the prophet of God, and so deep was the mother's appreciation of this good man that she had provided a room in their home for his use whenever he might be in their village. Her spiritual receptiveness must have first prepared in her heart a place for goodness which made one who expressed such divinity a welcome visitor. Hence she was prepared to accept the demonstration of God's healing power which was to bless that family.

On the day of her son's passing, when her need of help was extreme, her thought immediately reached out to the spiritual seer. Making no explanation, she told her husband that she must go to the prophet. In reply to his queries she answered (II Kings 4:23), "It shall be well." Did not her turning to one whom she had recognized (II Kings 4:9) as "an holy man of God" indicate that she glimpsed in some degree the fact that their help must come from God's goodness and that His servant, the prophet, could utilize God's healing law in their behalf? When she reached Elisha and was asked about the welfare of herself and of her family, she steadfastly maintained  what we, through Christian Science, have learned is always the spiritual fact concerning God's creation, that "It is well" (II Kings 4:26). Elisha, conscious of her human need for help, went with her to her home. As he prayed to God on behalf of the child, the spiritual facts of true being and the indestructibility of God's creation became apparent, and the illusion that something could destroy God's beloved child was dissipated. As a result the boy was presented to his mother alive and well. Her steadfastness in seeking help from the man of God when faced with the terrifying but unreal evidence of the material senses showed her to be a woman of great faith.

The experience of the Shunammite and her son inspires us today to turn to God in prayer in order to find surcease from that which is unlike God. The story also inspires us to seek through prayer the realization that the evidence of God's good will for all of His creation can become apparent through demonstration here and now. The prayer of the

Christian Scientist is not a request that God will change what in His infinite wisdom He has decreed. It is rather the scientific realization that God has decreed only life and good for all. This state of thought is attained through scientific petition, through the recognition of the perfection of God and man, and through unselfed love. Such prayer brings healing to the sick and the sinful.

Jesus of Nazareth, the Founder of Christianity, the Master, Way-shower, and Exemplar of all Christians, gave to mankind a cardinal rule which, when scientifically followed, leads men to entertain the kind of thinking that is productive of good results. He said (John 7:24), "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." This means that we cannot induce what constitutes God's universe from what the material senses testify. Rather we must deduce from the correct understanding of God logical conclusions as to what comprises His creation. To judge rightly we must understand that God, good, is Spirit and is true, and that everything which God creates, including man and the universe, is spiritual and true. We must reject as untrue or unreal all that is unlike God, all mortal error, including matter, sin, disease, and death.

Christian Science is the answer to mankind's prayer that they might judge righteous judgment, that they might know what is real and true, and thus demonstrate good in their present experience. Much of the so-called scientific knowledge amassed by mankind down through the ages has been undependable, one day apparently true and the next day questionable or false. Only what is exact, changeless knowledge is true science.

To reason correctly as to what is truly scientific in the universe one must understand the cause of the universe and the nature of that cause. Christians are monotheists. True monotheism must recognize God as the one and only cause of the universe. Jesus counseled mankind to know God and Christ, for in this way only could they learn God's will and have its fulfillment in their lives. He declared, according to John's Gospel (17:3), "This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." He proved the truth of this statement by healing the sick and the sinful and by walking forth from the tomb after his crucifixion. In this latter occurrence false mortal sense lost its battle with the spiritual facts of being which Jesus knew comprised his real selfhood.


Mrs. Eddy and Her Works

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, discerned the spiritual import of Jesus' exhortation to know God and His Christ. In the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," of which she is the author, one finds clear Christian teaching which enables him to know, to understand, God. Mrs. Eddy did not judge after appearance. She did not accept the false belief that God, whose essence is goodness, is also the author of sin, disease, and death, or that His omnipotence permits the activity of a so-called devil or evil to tempt or distort mankind.

Mrs. Eddy recognized that all reality is based on, and is the expression of, God. She took the life and works of Christ Jesus as revealed in the Bible as her perfect example. She found his teachings practical and true, for they healed her at a time when she seemed in danger of losing her life as the result of a serious accident. She sought and found in the Bible the rules for demonstrating the truth of real being, proving Jesus' teachings practical not only for herself but also for the healing of others who were sick and sinful.

Jesus promised his followers (John 14:26) that "the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." As one prayerfully studies the Christian Science textbook and Mrs. Eddy's other writings in connection with the Bible, he will know that the Comforter, whom Jesus also referred to as the Spirit of truth, has come. For the Comforter presents the comforting knowledge that all may follow Jesus' example and demonstrate Christ, Truth, in healing the sick and sinful.

Mrs. Eddy revealed to this age the great truth which was demonstrated by Jesus and in some degree by his followers: that matter is actually unreal ‒ that it is a misconception of reality. She discovered that matter is a false, mistaken, limited belief, and that it has no more actuality in our conscious thinking than the forms and images we see in a night dream, which we readily admit are not actually present. All the discords that trouble mankind are included in so-called mortal mind, whose product is matter. To the degree that one becomes aware of the allness of Spirit, God, and the nothingness of mortal mind and matter, he has removed from his thinking that which is the basis of discord in his experience, and as a result the discord disappears.

The understanding that matter is not at all what it seems to be is growing in the thought of the world. The Journal of the Telephone Industry ("Telephony," Mar. 31, 1956, p. 20, by Harold B. McKay) had an article about transistors in telephones. At the beginning the author quotes this statement from Science and Health (p. 468): "There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter." Then he says, "As man gropes further into his material universe, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to describe the things that he thinks he sees." Mrs. Eddy, however, did not learn the unsubstantiality of matter through human invention. She discerned through spiritual revelation, reason, and demonstration what constitutes reality, namely Spirit and its creation. Awareness of the ever-presence of God and His Christ, God's spiritual idea or expression, leaves no place for matter. How can one find the way to judge rightly concerning the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science? By studying and demonstrating the truths found in her published writings, for these show the thoughts of God and man which she entertained and utilized in her healing work. Could any of us find a better way to know her than to understand what she actually thought concerning God and man? Proportionately as one learns the spiritual import of Mrs. Eddy's teachings and works, he will find his own true selfhood as the spiritual image and likeness of God.


Our Lesson-Sermon

Mrs. Eddy followed the Biblical injunction (Ps. 107:2), "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy." Her longing that all might share this redemption induced her to found the Church of Christ, Scientist. As a means of enlightening mankind she established the Lesson-Sermon found in the Christian Science Quarterly, which is composed of selections from the King James Version of the Bible and correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook. There are twenty-six subjects for these Bible Lessons, each subject being used twice a year. Each lesson is prepared from a fresh, vital viewpoint. One is not a repetition of another, in spite of the fact that the subjects are repeated.

The Sunday church service includes this Lesson-Sermon read by two Readers appointed, or elected, for a limited term, from the church membership. Students of Christian Science faithfully study the Lesson-Sermon, finding that it gives them their daily bread, that is, the daily bread of spiritual enlightenment.  Does this mean that students study the Lesson-Sermon for themselves, then go to church and hear the same one read from the desk as the Sunday church service? Yes, Christian Scientists do just that, and there is a good reason for it.

Think for a moment of a very simple illustration. Suppose that many people, each bearing a lighted lamp, were to enter, one by one, into a dark auditorium. The first one to enter would brighten the auditorium a little. The second one to enter would double the illumination. Then as three, four, five, and finally all the lamps were giving their effulgence, would not everyone present see his surroundings illuminated by the light of all the lamps instead of by just the one he carried in? In the same way the accumulated spiritual enlightenment at the Sunday service resulting from. the devoted study of the Bible Lesson during the preceding days blesses each one present, providing a mental atmosphere of spiritual illumination, clarity, peace, and a holy sense of God's presence that is productive of healing and regeneration.

A young man whose hands were covered with unsightly warts started to attend services in a Church of Christ, Scientist. Although he had not begun the study of Christian Science, yet after attending the services for only a few weeks he found one day that his hands were completely free of the affliction and have been ever since. As a result of this healing he became an earnest student of Christian Science.

Little wonder that Mrs. Eddy thought of the Church of Christ, Scientist, as a healing church. She saw the need of mankind for spiritual enlightenment and provided, under God's direction, many avenues and instrumentalities for disseminating the truth. She founded weekly and monthly periodicals, which have interesting and constructive articles on Christian Science, together with carefully verified testimonies of healing. She founded an international daily newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, whose high standard of journalism is bringing elevated concepts, a higher sense of truth, to all who read it. It is aiding its readers to think more constructively and spiritually, thereby bettering health and morals today.


God and Man

From Science and Health (p. 465) we learn that "God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love." All of these terms are either used in the Bible as names for God or are necessarily implied. One may ask, "Is Principle used in the Bible as a term for God?" No, not the word Principle itself, which was introduced by Mrs. Eddy, but its true meaning is used in the Bible as a name for Deity. A dictionary defines "principle" in part as "a source or origin." Could we find a better word than Principle to explain God as the source or origin of the universe, as the Lawgiver who maintains His infinite creation in perfection, beauty, grandeur, and order? The other synonyms used by Mrs. Eddy present God to mankind through such qualities as intelligence, true substance, holiness, continuity, reality, love, manifested in the fatherly and motherly affection which protects and blesses all.

Every man serves the concept of Deity which he entertains. Some would dispute this statement, saying that they are atheists and have no concept of God at all; but this is not true. God means good, and everyone follows and obeys what in his heart he considers good for himself. He may not worship the true goodness that is God; in fact, he may even follow a course of evil, believing that it will bring him what is advantageous. One bows down to what he believes will bring him what he wants or will give him what he needs, and this is the deity or sense of good he worships, and to which he attributes power.

Mrs. Eddy says in "The People's Idea of God" (p. 14), "As our ideas of Deity become more spiritual, we express them by objects more beautiful," and she explains, "Thus it is that our ideas of divinity form our models of humanity." The only salvation for mankind lies in a true knowledge of God, an understanding of what is really good. As they understand good, they will serve it and thus become the servant of the most high God. This true service naturally brings with it a better sense of health, harmony, and happiness.

A true knowledge of God as the source or origin of the spiritual universe and spiritual man is true religion. What could be more truly scientific or give one a more exact concept of reality than an understanding of God, the source of all being? True religion and Science are inseparable, and deductions which are not in accord with both are neither true religion nor true Science. True Science must recognize that all actual power is in and of God. The Bible tells us (Ps. 62:11), "God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God."

Today there is much concern about the use of atomic power lest a misuse of it bring about mankind's destruction. Speaking out from the standpoint of inspiration more than sixty years ago, Mrs. Eddy assured us (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 190): "Atomic action is Mind, not matter. It is neither the energy of matter, the result of organization, nor the outcome of life infused into matter: it is infinite Spirit, Truth, Life, defiant of error or matter."

Christian Science affirms that God is omnipotent. Every physical healing achieved through Christian Science (and they are legion) demonstrates this truth in some degree. Hence mankind already has the proof that, in proportion to one's realization and demonstration of God's all-power, the evil effects of so-called material power can be nullified.

In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy states (p. 124): "We tread on forces. Withdraw them, and creation must collapse. Human knowledge calls them forces of matter; but divine Science declares that they belong wholly to divine Mind, are inherent in this Mind, and so restores them to their rightful home and classification." The spiritual fact concerning true power accepted into consciousness is manifested in that which helps and heals mankind. It destroys evil concepts as to what constitutes power and replaces them with the assurance that the only power really existent is the power of God. As this clearer understanding develops we shall, like the Shunammite, rest in the calm assurance that "It shall be well."


Individual Man

Man, the Bible tells us in the first chapter of Genesis, is made in the image and likeness of God. What then can man possibly be except the individualized manifestation of perfection, spirituality, goodness, and holiness? In order that we may obey Jesus' exhortation to judge righteous judgment and not judge after false material appearances, we must think of man in terms of what he really is and see the perfect unity plus the perfect distinctness of God and man as His likeness. God's creation is good, for God is good; and it misrepresents our beloved Father-Mother to claim that a good God, who is Spirit, is the Maker of an evil creation of matter, His opposite, subject to sin, sickness, and death.

God has countless expressions of His own perfect Being, and each expression is individual. King David sang (II Sam. 22:31), "As for God, his way is perfect." The perfect cause of the universe can only be expressed in perfection. Let us then not deny the perfection of God's creation. What appears to humanity as material man is a mistaken concept, a counterfeit which, to the extent that one has learned man's true spiritual nature, no longer deceives him.

The material senses, which bear witness to the false concept of man, are notorious prevaricators. Is there anyone here who has not time and again proved to his own satisfaction that the evidence of his material senses was not to be relied upon? Who that has believed his material senses implicitly would take a train trip? These senses tell him that beyond the point where the engine is the train tracks converge. But one cheerfully disbelieves this false appearance because he is aware of the fact that the tracks do not come together. Today Christian Science brings the demonstrable knowledge that man is not what material sense says he is. It is spiritual sense, or the sense of each one of us as actually a spiritual being, that destroys the belief in materiality with its attendant sins and sicknesses.

God always remains the source or Principle of man. Man always remains God's creation or effect. God and man in God's image are always one in quality but not in quantity. Individual man is an individual activity of all the qualities of God.


Christ Comes to the Flesh

Mrs. Eddy defines Christ in Science and Health (p. 583) as "The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error." Since God is divine Mind, His eternal manifestation, Christ, is actually His divine ideal, His Son. When one thinks that which is spiritually true, he accepts God's thoughts as his own consciousness, and this divine consciousness governs his human body, business, home, and supply. This consciousness of Truth manifests itself in the healing of sickness, sin, inharmony, and lack. This scientific demonstration is the salvation that Jesus taught and demonstrated. It is strictly in accord with Paul's statement to the Romans (12:2), "Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."

In Science and Health we read (p. 561), "John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration, ‒ reducing to human perception and understanding the Life which is God." To coincide is to occupy the same place in space or the same period of time. Every Godlike thought and deed proves the human and divine coincidence. Since God is ever present, He is everywhere that man is. The scientific admission of God's all-presence and all-power here and now brings the realization of this human and divine coincidence, of humanity governed by divinity.

If one were looking at a motion picture screen and seeing a distasteful picture, would one attempt to change it by doing something to the screen? Would one attempt to wash it off the screen or to paint over it? This would be useless, because the same picture would continue to fall on whatever was in front of it. The only way that one could change the unpleasant picture to a pleasant one would be to change the film that was in the projector. This hints to us how we can correct our individual human experience. It is to change our thinking, to have in thought the perfect ideal of God, the Christ, Truth; then we shall see about us evidence of the presence of Christ. The inharmonies which may have seemed to be very real, being removed from thought by the truth, are no longer manifested in human experience. So let us change the kind of thinking we have been doing, replace it with Christly thinking, and enjoy its beneficent effects.

In our human experience we see what is on our own level. One evening after a lecture a young mother accompanied by her teen-age daughter and quite small son talked with me about some statements she had liked in the lecture. Her daughter also said she liked certain points that she felt could be applied to her schoolwork. Then the little boy, looking out from the level of his vision, said to me solemnly, "I like your pants!" Now it is all right for a youngster to be satisfied with a view that at the moment just takes in a pair of trousers, but maturity demands that a higher vision of spirituality be won and maintained, in order that true health and happiness may be discerned as man's present possession. We must raise our vision to spiritual heights, and then we shall see man as God knows him.


Christian Science in Practice

The question is sometimes asked, "Why do not Christian Scientists rely upon material means for healing?" The answer is plain. Mrs. Eddy has shown that sickness as well as sin is not caused by matter but is the effect of erroneous thought. This fact seemed incredible when Mrs. Eddy first gave it to the world, but today it is recognized in a large degree even by those who look entirely to matter as a means of healing. We are frequently told that worry, insecurity, and fear have produced this or that disease. Drugs, serums, tranquilizers, and intoxicants may seem momentarily to give one a sense of peace, courage, and security, but this effect is not permanent, and their use multiplies one's susceptibility to the very materiality from which he believes he is suffering. Each drug ingested enlarges one's belief that ungodly matter is the arbiter of his existence. Christian Science recognizes Christ, Truth, as the only healer of mankind's woes, whether physical or mental.

Permanent healing can only be achieved through entertaining in consciousness true ideas or spiritual facts. It is vain to attempt to harmonize existence with drugs, which manifestly have no intelligence. If two men differed in their thought concerning a business deal, and one was desirous that the other should view the transaction in the same light that he did, would he give him an unintelligent drug to change his mind? Let us have in our thought that which is Godlike and true, and we shall have health, harmony, and abundance as a result.

It is not Christian Science to unite spiritual healing and the use of drugs. God, Truth, demands unswerving allegiance to His Christ. Mrs. Eddy tells us emphatically (Science and Health, p. 464), "Adulterating Christian Science, makes it void." Void means ineffectual, empty, or containing nothing; it does not mean not quite as much or as effectual. Adulteration makes spiritual power of none effect in the experience of anyone who attempts to unite it with the use of drugs for healing. Christian Science practitioners do not physically diagnose disease; neither do they prescribe drugs or material methods for healing. They utilize the spiritual truths which Jesus demonstrated and which Christian Science explains in a completely practical way. They strive to so manifest Christ, Truth, that whatever denies the truth, such as sin, disease, or lack, is uncovered as completely erroneous, as nothing, no thing, person, or condition.

A young woman came to a practitioner's office very ill with what appeared to be influenza, an illness quite prevalent at that time. The practitioner explained to her how God's divine influence or the Christ is always present and that this fact precludes the possibility of any destructive or evil influence. He also silently claimed for her man's perfect oneness with God and His health-giving Christ. Later the young woman informed the practitioner that she had been entirely healed during that brief visit.

Sometimes people mistakenly believe that it will help them to be healed if they can just make the practitioner realize how ill they are. A man so convinced asked me to give him Christian Science treatment for a problem that seemed very real to him. He kept telling me in detail of the unhappy situation and insisted vehemently: "Now I want you to get this picture. I want you to get this picture." Finally, after his repetition of this a number of times, I said, "If you succeed in what you are trying to do, then you had better leave me and go to someone else, because if I have the picture, how can I help you get rid of it? Anyway," I added, "I thought you wanted release from this false picture rather than have two of us have it. It you convince me of the reality of your illness, it can do neither of us any good, but if you let the truth convince you that you are now actually the spiritual son of God, healthy, happy, and harmonious, this will do you good." He agreed that this was logical, and an improved condition resulted.

A young lad came home from school with all the evidence of a contagious disease. Since he and his mother were students of Christian Science, they did not desire a medical diagnosis. But, in order to obey the law of the state, it was necessary for the matter to be reported to the Health Department. The physician in charge examined the boy and said that he had scarlet fever. The boy had no medical treatment and took no medicine. The Christian Science practitioner who was asked to help with the case did not accept this evidence of disease to be true or to be the effect of God. He did not judge according to the appearance ‒ the appearance of scarlet fever ‒ but he judged righteous judgment. He considered the situation from the viewpoint that God is good and all-power, and that man, God's image or expression, can have nothing unlike God. Audibly and mentally he insisted that right where this disease seemed to be was the perfect son of God, and that the boy was not really material and as such subject to material conditions such as germs or contagion. The practitioner recognized the spiritual fact that here was really an individual instance of God's qualities, beauty, harmony,   fearlessness,   and health. He continued with this spiritual knowing of the truth until in a few days every trace of the malady had disappeared. To fulfill the quarantine regulations, the boy was taken to the Health Department, where the physician admitted that, much to his surprise, there was no evidence of the disease. Naturally enough there were never any ill effects from the experience.


Truth Imparts Abundance

God, Spirit, is the substance of the universe. To know God is to have the true idea of substance. This true idea reveals that God imparts abundance to man just as willingly as He gives him health and goodness. One of the grave problems that beset mankind is the false belief that they lack supply ‒ that there is not enough of anything, except the things that no one wants. Since human consciousness sees what it believes, it judges according to the outward manifestation of its own false sense. Because the false belief that good is limited is often accepted by mankind, it is generally manifested. Humanity erroneously judges that, because a few have abundance, this prevents others from having enough.

Enlightened thought concerning true supply rests on the fact that God is its real source. The limited or unlimited thought which one has about supply determines the abundance or lack that is manifested in his human experience. The only way one can ever correct a sense of lack is through gaining the spiritual understanding of the infinite supply which God continuously pours forth. To the degree that one gains a spiritual understanding of spiritual abundance, he is able to demonstrate a better sense of supply in his everyday life. True supply always comes direct from God to each individual. The world seems humanly organized on the belief that supply comes from other men, and if these others are not graciously inclined toward an individual, then he is faced with a situation wherein he cannot expect to have adequate supply or proper position. God's ideas are never in conflict. Each man, each spiritual idea, expresses God in an individual and original way that is altogether lovely, and that expression is his true position.

God has given each one an individual instance of supply that is illimitable, spiritual, changeless, ever present, and always available. Can you imagine people warring with each other over the use of arithmetic? The greatest enemies, so-called, are in perfect accord on basic mathematical facts because they see them as ideas. No one fears that one nation can deprive another nation because it uses these ideas, or that one individual can deprive another individual because he uses these ideas. True supply is spiritual and infinite; so why not admit that you can enjoy it and that everyone else can enjoy it at the same time?

Because supply is infinite, our human sense of supply multiplies with the correct use of divine ideas. Supply seems to diminish with use only because people believe that it is material, that there is only so much of it, and each use of it diminishes it.

We have all seen one person fail in a business and another one take the same business and make it a success. Why is this? Because one judged according to the appearance, judged according to the false, material concept that he was entertaining; while the other may have recognized business as actually the activity of God, the activity of good, even though he may not have consciously known that God and good were the same thing. At least he saw it as a good activity, therefore he loved it because he loved good, and he saw this good manifested in a way that met his human need.

When we use the human manifestation of supply joyfully to pay proper obligations and thereby acknowledge that we have received good, we open the door to a larger sense of supply. The money one uses to pay his gas bill is not actually his supply. It is merely a symbol agreed upon by mortals for acknowledging the receipt of the gas. The gas is the supply which he needed humanly, and when he pays for it, is he not scientifically saying, "Thank you for the gas," and paving the way for continued supply of this commodity? The more of spiritual good that one gratefully acknowledges, the more he has to enjoy. The Bible tells us that we should give "not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver" (II Cor. 9:7), and this applies also to the payment of our human obligations.

A student of Christian Science proved this in his own experience. It was at a time when he found himself with very little supply and in the midst of a depression. One day there was a small bill to be paid. The thought came to him that he didn't have to pay it right away, that it could wait until the first of the next month; that would still be plenty of time to give it to the one who had rendered the service. But then he thought, "This individual gave us the service when we needed it, and he didn't ask us to wait until the first of the next month to render it." He said to himself, "I acknowledge at this moment what has been given me," and immediately paid the bill. He did it joyfully, declaring that in paying his righteous debts he was evidencing the fact that all that is really good comes from God. After the payment was made he found himself with just two dollars, which was his sole capital. At other times this might have made him quite fearful, but because of his great desire to pay his just obligation and joyfully to acknowledge infinite good as ever present, he felt very happy about the situation.

On his way home he met a man on the street who told him that he had been trying to reach him for some time to pay him some small amount that he owed. The student had not gone more than two blocks before he met another individual who also had owed him a small amount, and this was paid. When he reached home he found in the mail a letter containing a check for some service previously rendered. Between the place where he had paid his indebtedness and his home, he had received more than three times the amount he had paid out that day.

Now what had really happened? By using his supply and seeing that it really represented a divine idea, he had enlarged and multiplied his own sense of supply. He had thereby destroyed in some measure his fear of lack. Of course his improved spiritual sense of substance was manifested in his experience as a greater evidence of supply than he had started with when he first thought of paying the obligation. He laughingly told a friend that night, "I believe I could be a millionaire if I could just pay enough bills!"

How true it is that our human experience is thought objectified. As we look out from the spiritual viewpoint of God's goodness, we shall be aware of good. As we look out from the heights of Soul, we shall see that Soul's infinite resources are constantly being showered upon each one of us. Let us no longer blame people or circumstances for any lack we might experience. Let us think rightly about abundance. Let us recognize that spiritual abundance is natural to man, God's likeness. Let us realize that God's law of supply is capable of demonstration in the experience of each one of us.

Let us not put off our recognition of life abundant. Our beloved Master said (John 4:35), "Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." Supply of every good thing is wherever we are, because God is right where we are, and true supply is spiritual, not material. Christian Science has revealed that the fields of God are now white with the harvest of abundance, and this abundance can be demonstrated by humanity. His fields are always white with the harvest of health, harmony, and supply for each of His children, and this truth is demonstrable today.

Let our thought be rightly enlightened with the truth that men and nations are really God-ordained to dwell in peace, and we will contribute to this end. We owe God the demonstration of His truths, and we pay our just debt to Him by knowing the spiritual truths that overcome beliefs of sickness, sin, and lack. By recognizing that God is all-power, all-presence, all-substance, we accept the loving provision of our Father-Mother God and see His will demonstrated in our present experience in a way that abundantly meets all human needs.