Let Your Basis Be Love


Glen C. Livezey, C.S., of Chicago, Illinois

Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church,

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts


Early one morning a man I know went to his church. As he started to unlock the door, he noticed the lock had been jimmied. He rushed inside and found another door whose lock had been cut away. On the secretary's desk he found amplifiers, microphones, typewriters every thing portable and valuable.

On top of the pile was this note:


Dear Sir,

I've broken into your church. I was going to rob you blind, but I couldn't. I'm a teen-ager and a boy. I hate myself, but I wish I could be a square. I can't go straight. . . . I don't know why. I don't believe in God. How can I? He has never done anything for me. Still I can't take away from your faith by wrecking up your church. I wish I had faith. I'm with my friend now. We were the ones that broke into the Central School.

I must go now, but I hope you can help people who haven't gotten to the point I have.

Keep cool.


(I wish I could in my heart)


And his friend had scribbled what, in effect, said, "Me, too."

These boys broke into the church intending to destroy and rob. They even admitted breaking into the Central School. Then how can we account for the fact they didn't go ahead in this case? And why did they bother to write the note? Didn't that take time time that increased the possibility of their getting caught? Possibly the answer lies in how they closed that note. "Love (I wish I could in my heart)."

Could it be that these two boys felt the love the members held for their church felt it enough to want to share in it? There's no way of knowing for sure. The boys' identities have never been learned. But I can tell you this, that the members surely felt divine Love protected both their church and those boys that night.

Tonight we're going to discuss the kind of love held by those members for their church the love that apparently influenced both boys and its source, divine Love. We'll discuss how selecting divine Love as the basis of life will influence our experience, too.


Love's Qualities Seen

To explore divine Love as the basis of life, we find it's not so much in the words we use but in what's behind the words. For instance, it'd be difficult for most of us here to describe in words the feeling of joy, of inner exuberance, we have when we've really accomplished something worthwhile. We can say it's a "good feeling," but that doesn't quite do it. It doesn't quite touch the profound sense of inner peace we feel . . . the inner warmth. It has to be felt. To bring out the feeling we're discussing, I'd like to "point at" some of the qualities divine Love includes.

First of all tenderness. As tender as you very well may feel toward those boys who broke into that church. That gentle warmth of compassion, this is the feeling I'm talking about. And you can see it's not just an intellectual exercise. It's warmer fuller and goes deeper than any group of words. It's an outpouring of warmth. And it's this warmth you feel.

And still, divine Love is more than tenderness.

Love brings peace. The absolute quiet of true peace nothing unsteady or threatening. The kind of peace we feel, rather than just say.

For example, how many of you have driven through the mountains and seen the signs that say, "Scenic Vista Ahead"? Then, as you leave the car, you leave the hustle and bustle of the trip behind.

Pine needles carpet the ground muffling every step you take. A sharp cry of a blue jay accentuates the stillness. Then you walk to the edge. It's as if every feeling of quiet you've ever felt were magnified a hundred times.

Stillness, immense peace permeates the whole scene. It's this immensity, this feeling, that comes even before the words that may describe it. It's basically the fullest appreciation you hold of your experience. It's this peace you feel and still divine Love is more.


Love is Infinite

Now picture yourself at home reading a newspaper. On page one there's a picture, let's say, of a Chinese peasant smilingly offering a gift to a small child. On page three, another picture. This one lets us see the radiant joy of an African woman as she receives, say, an award.

As you leaf through other pages, you see other pictures from all over the world, it's evident the joy you saw expressed in China wasn't confined to China. You saw it expressed in the smile of the African woman and in some of the other pictures, too.

Joy just isn't confined to geography or persons because the exhilaration called "joy" is a quality of divine Love. There's no such thing as a two-by-four piece of joy. There's no edge or limit to joy. It's boundless. Not more here than there, but everywhere. Like the immensity of the Scenic Vista, the beauty nature holds is everywhere. So the feeling of tenderness brought out by those troubled boys is available everywhere.

Now, let's put these qualities together. Take the feeling of tenderness we feel and expand it and expand it again. Yet God's divine Love is still more.

And the feeling of immensity . . . the immense sense of peace we feel. Expand that and expand it again. Yet divine Love is still more. And the joy expressed in those faces from all over the world we saw in our newspaper. Take that joy and expand it and yet divine Love is still more. Because divine Love isn't bound by anything. It's everywhere. It's infinite. Then we see we're not just talking about love but about divine Love, a Love that's God Himself. And a God that's Love.


Love Is Power

I had an experience with a garage mechanic which brings out the infinite nature and power of divine Love. I'd taken my car to have a minor adjustment. The mechanic told me to come back in an hour to pick it up. I did. The car hadn't been touched. I went back a second time and still no car. I was a bit irritated. Well, maybe more than a bit! I called the mechanic's boss and registered my complaint and my irritation too.

Now, about this time, I also started to recognize I hadn't been loving at all in my attitude. Regardless of the apparent inconvenience, I couldn't find any real peace until I got my thinking straight. So I put aside the irritation and inconvenience and thought of all the examples of divine Love I could, until I began to feel God's boundless love flooding my consciousness. In a way, I'd been praying, and I began to feel the effect of my prayer.

In this much more enlightened frame of thinking, I went back to pick up my car. Apparently the mechanic's boss had relayed my remarks to him. As I came into the station, the mechanic came bursting out through the door. His face was livid with rage. He reached out to grab me by the collar. His fist was clenched. And he started to swing! But he stopped right in midair. His expression changed. His arms dropped to his sides and he turned and went back into the filling station. I can't tell you the gratitude that welled up in me as I recognized the Love I'd been praying to. Why, the power of this Love had extended and included him.

He came out a few minutes later smiling and my car was now adjusted. He apparently had no recall of his former anger at all. Courtesy, even friendliness, had replaced his anger. You see, as I related to divine Love as God, the power of God's love was reflected in my experience.

This discovery is important. As we perceive that divine Love is actually God, we find ourselves bringing forth tenderness, love, compassion, and goodness in our lives. But we're also aligning with all the good, all the joy there is. One reference that has been helpful to me in this recognition is from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science. It reads, " 'God is Love.' More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go."1

Think of that! Why, if each of us would relate to Love as God, think how difficult -downright impossible it would be for any one of us to have an argument with anyone. In infinite Love there just isn't room for irritation. Love precludes it. The power of Love is infinite.


Dropping False Basis of Thought

With Love as our God - as our basis for thinking and action our lives, yours and mine, will be directly affected. For whatever's unlike our God everything unlovely will no longer have a place in our lives.

A friend of mine had an experience that brings this out. She always had a strong fear, even resentment, of the street gangs that weren't far from her home not far enough, if you'd asked her! This antagonistic view caused her much anxiety.

A friend of hers, who lived in this street gang area, mentioned she couldn't carry much money because of the frequent robberies. Well! When my friend heard that, her self-righteous anger boiled over at this intrusion upon personal freedom. When my friend was all through steaming and fuming, her friend quietly said all she felt was compassion for these youths. Not to excuse their acts so much as to recognize why these young people did what they did, she went on to explain they had almost no parental guidance. They were often turned into the streets to fend for themselves when they were just old enough to walk. They didn't know anything other than such gang tactics. They just didn't know a different way.

Well, my friend thought about it. As a Christian Scientist, she realized that human compassion, in itself, wasn't enough. She had to go further. She also saw her unloving, brittle viewpoint had been shutting off any real help she could ever have brought to these youths. So, in renewed humility she turned to divine Love to correct her thinking. She prayed to see them in a new light. She began to view them from the basis of divine Love, itself. Right where destruction and robbery seemed to predominate, she knew Love was the only presence. She saw from this basis of Love man as God created him. Spiritual. Free. Intelligent. Not ghetto-bred, never criminally inclined at all. But unburdened, beloved, forever blessed. The Love she was acknowledging shone right through her in practical ways . . . dissolving her fears, allowing fresh new ideas to bring solutions to the ghetto, by becoming active in ghetto politics, and by supporting and promoting a day-care and educational center. Prejudice was replaced by Love-impelled action that has blessed not only her, but also the very areas and people she once so feared.

How many of us have ever felt and wanted to keep the angry, bitter feelings that well up within us? Those inflexible false prejudices that limit our true appreciation of the good around us? As we relate to divine Love as our premise, false bases for living fade and are dissolved in Love's acknowledged presence.


Some Prejudices Dissolved

I don't know about you, but for a long time I had the general impression that prejudice pretty much referred to racial issues. But prejudice refers to any kind of prejudgment. Can't we limit or obstruct our gentleness, our joy, and peace, if we wrongly prejudge ourselves and others? We do this when we hold false or unwarranted views of who and what we are.

Those boys who intended to rob that church surely held false, downright prejudiced views of themselves. They judged or evaluated themselves as limited mortals. Remember, their letter said, "I hate myself I can't go straight, I don't know why." Such personal prejudices against ourselves obscure God's infinite presence from our lives, just as those boys' prejudice had been doing to them.

Such prejudices or prejudgments accepted for ourselves may extend to other people in our lives.

For instance, I once held a strong bias against women. As a male, I felt I couldn't be told anything of moment or value by a woman. There's a prejudice for you! You can imagine the peace that one gave me! And on top of that, as you know, Mary Baker Eddy founded Christian Science. Since she was a woman well, you can see the problem I had.

Of course, my male prejudice didn't start with Mrs. Eddy. Apparently, it stemmed from my acceptance of the generally held belief of male superiority. And this, in turn, was rooted in the false premise of a "partial" God a God that would give one more good than another. As long as I held to the belief of a God who played favorites, I was prejudicing my whole view of man man in the image of God, absolute, spiritual Love.

I had another bias that stood in my way of really feeling the peace and gentleness of Love. It was reluctance to read the Bible. With pride, I steered away from the Bible since I just knew I was never going to be a churchgoer, let alone join a church. And these prejudiced views against the Scriptures were stubbornly held to by me as what really was important. I was shutting out Love. My introduction to Christian Science changed that. It brought a quick healing in fact, overnight of a bad back condition that was all but crippling me. Well, I was grateful for that healing. Honestly grateful. I had to find out what had healed me.

Since I recognized Christian Science is based directly on the Scriptures, respect, then affection, for the Bible and a real sense of the Bible's worth began to dawn on me. For a start I found a rich store of history as well as poetry and prose, enrichments my former prejudice had denied me.

Then, as I began to accept Love as my premise, I began to notice something else. I saw that divine Love the same Love I was relating to was the premise of the entire Bible. Moses listened to it. The prophets listened to it. And Jesus listened to it, too. Why, I could suddenly see divine Love shining right through his healings. You can see I was awakening to a new dimension of the Bible the spiritual.

My prejudice had been so pronounced it had obscured the very essence of the Bible from me. I suddenly felt the timeless nature of the Christ, Truth, and understood better what Jesus had meant when he described his healing mission as God-ordained and God-directed. I realized he was referring to this Christly nature when he said, "I and my Father are one."2 One with God, Love. And also, "As I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me."3 What can God, the Father, be but Love? And Love wouldn't prejudice. Love is just.

Well, with this new and much deeper sense of the Bible, I began to appreciate Science and Health with its Key to the Scriptures. Science and Health had come out and openly challenged the orthodox theology of that day and its traditional interpretation of the Bible. My growing respect began to extend to its author, Mrs. Eddy. And more of my male-chauvinist prejudices began to melt. I realized that in the year 1875 when Science and Health was first published, women were accorded no better than a second-class citizenship. Here was a woman with what had to be some of the greatest courage I'd ever even considered.

Imagine presenting a book like Science and Health to the world, a world so set in its ways, a world filled with prejudice and resistance even open attacks on anything new, let alone, radical. I began to glimpse the love Mrs. Eddy must have felt for this world, and my own petty prejudices dissolved. It took fearless love, real courage, to bring out this book with its revolutionary premise that God, Spirit, is All. Infinite. And wholly good. That His creation, man, is like unto Himself perfect, spiritual, and whole. And, therefore, that evil and the limitations of matter have no part in Love's creation.


Mistaken Identity the Basis of Prejudice

There's no reason for any of us to accept prejudice against our true selves as a basis for identity. It would be a mistake to think that prejudice could provide us with an identity. If we did, that's just what we'd have a case of mistaken identity.

For isn't mistaken identity the basis of all prejudice? Have you even been mistaken as someone else by a stranger? That happened to me one time in downtown Boston. This exuberant young man came running up to me. Pumping my hand, he exclaimed, "Hello, George!" Now, my name's not George. But when I told him this helpful bit of information, he was still shaking his head at how much I looked like his friend "George."

Prejudice is like this. It's a case of mistaken identity because it's built on a false basis. I wasn't George. But even when this man was told I wasn't, he held on to his mistake. In other words, it's sometimes easy for us to expose a false premise. I wasn't George. But it sometimes takes some real digging to root out our old way of thinking.

No matter how difficult it may seem to be to shake false bases of identity, we'll never know the real man until we do. And where does this uncovering of false premises and proper identification go on? Right where it did with George's friend. In his own thinking. Right in his consciousness. And that's just where I had to correct my male prejudice. Right in my thinking where, if left alone, it would continue to distort and confuse.

Each one of us can uncover and deny these errors of judgment against ourselves and others and defeat their insistent holds. As we've seen, no matter what guise these prejudices may appear in, they'll conceal the inherent good, success, and joy of our lives.

To dissolve these prejudices, we need to firmly feel our true basis in Love. Then, from this basis, we need to see we can only be what God has made us. Since God's infinite, there isn't anything outside His creation. The teachings of Christian Science make clear that we must expose and dismiss everything from our thinking that infringes on our real nature in God's image.

As we affirm the Truth, the false expression which Mrs. Eddy calls "mortal man" dissolves like the shadows before the dawn. No matter how grotesque the shadows are, the dawn melts them away. And in the same way we increasingly see ourselves as God-created. We're not Spirit's opposite, matter, or Love's opposite, a sinner. We're the expression of God, inseparable from Him. Spiritual. Free.

Just think of our lives without prejudice! Free from false judgments of any sort. Our lives expressed out from the basis of infinite Love, itself. Think what this means . . . no depreciating self-evaluations. In the absolute blessing of infinite Love, there's just no room for anything unworthy of Love no place for self-condemnation. In the fulfilling presence of absolute Love there's no empty feeling of limitation or inadequacy. There's no lack of any spiritual good only the forever expanding recognition of all good. In infinite Love there's no gnawing judgment of guilt or fear. There's only the wholeness, the purity of Love to know right now, in all directions, forever. Our lives, yours and mine, free of every false evaluation, false judgment, every false bias. Expressed right from the basis of all-blessing, divine Love. Pure, uncontaminated.

Right here and now as we base our lives in God as absolute Love, we abandon the prejudices of materiality. Instead, we find more joy, peace, gentleness in our lives. We find them shining through us, revealing and supporting all the good around us . . . all that's good in our lives.


Love's Control Lifts Us

Love's control lifts our lives into new activity and purpose. Perhaps you've never considered Love's control. Perhaps you've always thought of control as domination, even where love is supposed to be, such as in marriage or between parent and child.

In consideration of Love's control, let's return to that episode with the mechanic. Why he hadn't hit me offers us an important point. Since I was feeling a sense of God's love as unselfed and universal, there wasn't any place for hate. The darkest night can't put out the glow of Love. Anger or hate can't penetrate the infinite presence of Love. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health, "Science shows appearances often to be erroneous, and corrects these errors by the simple rule that the greater controls the lesser."4

The greater controls the lesser. Love's control stems from this fact. Consider this thought. You've never seen a shaft of darkness enter a lighted room. Why not? Because light's the greater idea, greater than the absence of light called darkness. No wonder the light always wins out!

As I stand here and close my fist and peek inside, I see some darkness. And it sure seems present. You might want to check inside your fist to see if you have some, too. Now, let's open our hands and find nothing at all (unless, perhaps, some of you have a little mound of dark). No? Because the light was greater all along. If you opened your hand one million times, there wouldn't be even one time when the light didn't eclipse the absence of itself, called darkness. Think of that, not once! Light never fails.

In the physical realm light always controls the absence of itself, called darkness. So in the spiritual realm, divine Love precludes the lack of itself hate, impurity, or fear. The greater controls the lesser, every time.

Think back to the young men who broke into the church. It was their higher sense of love that dissolved the lesser idea of vandalism and burglary. The prejudiced view held by my friend for the ghetto gangs was dissolved in a scientific understanding of divine Love. Her reflection of God as Love has enabled her to be of service in the very neighborhood she feared. In the same way, orderliness destroys the absence of itself, disorder, every time. Intelligence destroys the absence of itself, stupidity, every time. Joy, the absence of itself, sadness, every time.

How can we bring out more of these greater ideas? How can we bring out more of this good which is the divine substance of Love in our lives? It's simple so simple a bustling world would rush right by it. We have to relate to God, divine Love, as All-in-all, as absolute, basic Being. As we do acknowledge this basis for our thinking and action, Love asserts the fact of its allness and controls all, dissolving all unlike itself. Love brings the flow of tenderness, the serenity of true inner peace, the warmth and beauty of gentleness. Divine Love's greater than everything else.

We need this conviction of knowing and knowing we know that God, good, is in control. And He is, every time. There have been many times when I'd close my fist and open it to the light, time after time, to build my conviction that the greater always controls the lesser. Always. When we see this fact, as we recognize the inevitability of this law, we glimpse the inevitability of God's control. The greater controls the lesser, every time.


Acknowledgment Brings Healing

I had an experience that proves the importance of this acknowledgment of divine Love. My very life was being threatened. One day I noticed my throat was sore. There was a large, swollen protrusion. A year or so earlier I had had a similar problem. At that time a ruptured tumor was removed surgically. And here it was again, more pronounced than before. When I'd had the operation, I wasn't studying Christian Science. But now I was, so I sought the help of an experienced Christian Scientist.

I was so choked with fright, I almost couldn't talk at times. Yet I'd already seen enough of the power of prayer in my experience to know this was the kind of treatment I wanted. At first, all I could think about was my problem and its ominous appearance. The discomfort didn't help much either. I found I was relating everything I was doing on the basis of my problem. I wouldn't do this or that because of how I felt.

My problem had become my basis of living. The fear of it colored, actually prejudiced, everything, I was doing. The help of the experienced Christian Scientist was, well, tremendous. One citation she gave me to study is from Science and Health, it reads: "Self-love is more opaque than a solid body. In patient obedience to a patient God, let us labor to dissolve with the universal solvent of Love the adamant of error, self-will, self-justification, and self-love, which wars against spirituality and is the law of sin and death."5

Well, this citation made me angry. I felt it was telling me I was self-willed, self-justifying, and self-loving. And then it hit me. I saw the Love in what she was sharing. I saw I'd been accepting a false basis of myself. I suddenly realized it was this false, prejudiced, and fear-filled basis that had to be dissolved. It wasn't really the tumor at all!

Well, I have to admit I was still reluctant to let go of all my prejudgment of myself as a fearful, material mortal all at once. But I did see some prejudices against myself begin to dissolve. Egotism or self-importance, for one. And the fear lessened. I quit checking on the condition all the time. More and more I changed my thinking and acknowledged Spirit instead of matter to be my basis. I began to find the harmony of God as divine Love, greater than everything else expressed in my experience. I began to see that God was right where the discordant condition tried to say it was. Now, this was prayer in its highest form the acknowledgment of God's allness and man's present spiritual perfection as God's child.

It didn't happen all at once. There were days of discouragement. But I held on. I kept praying in this way. The infinitude and power of divine Love began to take hold in my life. The fear left. My whole concern now was one of knowing more of my divine basis, Love. I studied the Bible and the Christian Science textbook daily to support my growing awareness of my true spiritual nature. I mentally prayed that I couldn't be now and never was matter-based at all. That God had created me, and I could have no qualities but those God had for me. I didn't look to what the physical evidence was saying at all.

A month or so after the problem began, while I was shaving, I happened to glance at my throat. It was no longer swollen or sore. Health had replaced disease. Wholeness replaced the distortion and pain. I was healed. The absolute control of infinite Love had operated in my life and completely changed my life. As (introducer) told you, for several years now I've been happily working in the full-time public practice of Christian Science.

As each of us acknowledges God, divine Love, as the basic premise of our thinking, as the greater basis for our actions, we find healing and love expressed in our lives. This is the activity of the Christ, Truth. Self expressed. Self enforced. This Christ-power dissolves all unlike itself. It is God's love expressing itself in human experience. The greater controlling the lesser, every time. This self-enforcing, spiritual activity is God's forever expressing the truth of His Allness. His infinitude.

The Christ, Truth, is the same power Jesus expressed without measure in his ministry. But it wasn't confined to him. Christ is the ideal Truth operative and available to all throughout all time. Jesus expressed this power more than all others, so much so that he was called "Jesus the Christ" and "Christ Jesus." It was this same power my friend employed when she was healed of the prejudice concerning those ghetto gangs.

This Christ-power, this truth, this love is here right now for you and me to live. As we honestly try to base our lives in God, divine Love, each of us can more and more experience its redemptive effect. The Christ-power brings forth vital, new experiences, fresh purpose, and healing.


Transforming Nature of Love

A woman I know experienced this exalting influence of the Christ, Truth, in her life. She had been plagued for some twenty years by a severe, cracking condition of her hands. She was a hairdresser, so you can imagine how difficult this situation was for her. She had to continually dip her hands in all lands of lotions and rinses, and the like. The condition had become so aggravated she often couldn't do the simplest household job, let alone work at her profession. Fear became her motivation. She had seen doctor after doctor, and taken radium treatments from the last one.

She knew of Christian Science, and finally, in desperation, she called a Christian Science practitioner for help. She gave the practitioner almost no time to say anything beyond an occasional, "Oh," or "Yes, I see." However, as she told all the details, the practitioner held to what he knew was really true for her. He drew his conclusions from the basis of divine Love, not the material evidence that was being described as so distressing. He knew that in the truth of being, good was dominating. He mentally affirmed the fact that the goodness God expresses never held anything unlike Love. The infinite nature of divine Love wouldn't allow it.

Suddenly, in a trembling voice the woman said, "Why, my hands, they're changing right before my eyes!" Then she hung up. When she called back later, she fully described the healing that occurred in about fifteen minutes while she sat, an amazed witness!

The Christ, Truth, had touched this woman's life. The transforming nature of God's love was glimpsed by her. She began to see she was whole in Love. Love, if faintly, had become her basis of thought. And the greater always controls the lesser. Love eclipsed the limiting physical condition and she realized her healing.

Not only was the physical healing permanent, but Love's self-enforcing goodness has been increasingly controlling this woman's whole life.


The Highest Vista

We talked earlier about the scenic vista. We're all at that mountaintop in reality now. Our lives express divine Love. Our whole experience relates to this exalted view of ourselves and others. From this high view we see unlimited man and an unobstructed universe. From this high place we see God as the only cause and our experience as the divine outcome of His nature.

And no matter how problems and lies of lack would try to obscure our high stand, spiritually we're at the mountaintop. And everything relates to where we are. Any limited recognition of our high place as Love's own doesn't change the fact of where we are spiritually. It would only try to obscure what's been for all time true about us. No matter how incessantly old conceptions try to hold us down, we're at the mountaintop of Spirit.

Divine Love transforms us as we give up our earthly, matter-bound prejudices for what God holds as true about us. It's the real being real, the spiritual being all.

I sometimes picture whatever would try to hide this reality as much like the storms that gather around a mountain peak. If you watched the storm became entranced by its darkness and violence you might lose sight momentarily that the peak itself is really unmoved. The storm never was a part of it at all. Just so, we're never really part of the lie that tries to obscure our view of where we stand. Our spiritual mountaintop can never be the mortal storm around it regardless of how severe that claim may be. We're impelled to be what God, Spirit, has made us. And we're absolutely unmovable in this spiritually right view of ourselves and man.

Our high view expands as we release everything that would dim it. As we see we're not in the storm at all. We then see we're not trying to get rid of this particular physical problem or that business situation. That's not the issue at ail. What we're really about is being God's expression. We're acknowledging the Truth about us as wholly free from everything ungodlike. Expressed by God we can only be what He holds for us. His nature never included problems of lack or ill health, and ours can't either. In Science and Health we read, "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis."6

As we glimpse our true standpoint at the mountaintop, nothing but an ever-clearer view of our whole nature can really fulfill. Suddenly our purpose shifts from trying to remake the storms of our lives to expressing our whole nature, which dissolves the storms in the recognition they never were ours or anyone's . . . never touched us at all.

We're God's blessed work. His transforming nature never leaves us where we thought we were. It shows us more of our own divine nature in Him already at the mountaintop and expresses us as this very love.


Right Identity Vital

No question about it. As we rely on Love as the spiritually scientific basis for our thinking and prayer, our lives will express more of divine Love. Gentleness, compassion, true quiet, inner peace, health, wholeness, joy. And as we increasingly acknowledge our true nature as Love's own, we express our spiritual identity. It's not something we have to work up to. Not something that some day may be true about us. But as we acknowledge the allness of divine Love, our spiritual identity is lived now.


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